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Paul & Joanna Snyder

Our Story:

Paul and Joanna Snyder were married on May 17, 2019, and currently serve as full-time staff members at Parker Memorial Baptist Church in Lansing, Michigan, under the pastorate of Dr. Jim Green. Paul is heavily involved in the music ministry, youth department, audio/visual ministry, and the United States Service Command, which is a volunteer chaplain program to all branches of the U.S. Military. Joanna also is involved in the music ministry, youth department, audio/visual ministry, Lansing Baptist School, and a ministry she started to help encourage single ladies called Singleness of Heart.

Paul was born in the summer of 1992, the fifth of seven children to his parents, Barry and Sally Snyder. He was raised under the preaching of Dr. Keith Gomez and the ministries of Northwest Bible Baptist Church in Elgin, IL, since 1995. At the age of 13 he accepted Christ as his personal Savior and not long after was called to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He attended Providence Baptist College in Elgin, Illinois and in May 2016 he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Assistant with an emphasis in Youth Work. He was actively involved in weekly outreach programs at Northwest to include soul winning, nursing homes, choir and special music, bus ministry, public school teen outreach programs, children’s ministries, and audio/visual programs within the church.

In January 2018 Paul accepted the call to move to Lansing, Michigan, to work under Pastor Jim Green and the ministries of Parker Memorial Baptist Church, and in May of 2018 he was ordained to the Gospel ministry by his home church in Elgin, Illinois.

Joanna was born and raised in a preacher’s home in Charlevoix, Michigan the fourth of five children to Jim and Terri Green. At the age of 5 years old she accepted the Lord as her personal Savior. She spent 22 years serving in the ministries of Bible Baptist Church with her father as the Pastor. She was involved in the music and bus ministries, nursing home, choir, Sunday school and children’s ministries. In 2009 she graduated from high school then began attending Grace Baptist College in Gaylord, Michigan, and majored in elementary education. Before graduating college in 2013 she completed her student teaching semester as the full-time teacher for Charity Baptist School in Kerema, Papua New Guinea. This school was started by her Aunt Mary and Uncle John Gray before Mary went home to be with the Lord in 2011 and continues under the leadership of her Uncle John Gray and his wife Melissa.

In February 2014, Joanna and her family moved to Lansing, Michigan, to take over the ministries of her grandfather, Dr. Don Green, at Parker Memorial Baptist Church. In 2015 God led her to start a ministry called Singleness of Heart that is exclusively for unmarried ladies that have a desire to serve the Lord. This ministry continues with over 500 ladies from 13 different countries. She has hosted many domestic as well as international missions’ trips, retreats, and conferences since it began.

Paul and Joanna were married in May of 2019 and in November 2021 God gave them the desires of their heart and James Peter (JP) was born.

Our Mission & Music:

Both Paul and Joanna have a desire to serve the Lord through their local church as well as be a blessing to churches with their God-given talents of singing and special music for revival meetings and special occasions. It is their hearts’ desire to produce good, godly, wholesome Christian music and to encourage all those whom they meet.

All proceeds and love offerings from CD’s go toward taking mission trips around the world to help get the gospel message of the love of God to those in need and to be a blessing to missionaries on the field.

In January 2023 they had the opportunity to take a small group of young people on a ten day mission trip to Trinidad and Tobago. In those ten days, they sang multiple times, helped run youth events, pass out Gospel tracts, and went soulwinning. Paul also preached nine times, and they were able to see over 200 professions of Faith. Would you pray with them as they endeavor to reach those who have never heard the story of Jesus’ love for them? If you would like Paul and Joanna to come be a blessing to your church or ministry through singing or preaching please contact us at the info below.

You can listen to and download their CD albums on various media platforms such as: Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, and 6 Christian Radio Stations.

Contact Us:

Paul & Joanna Snyder
1902 E. Cavanaugh Road
Lansing, MI 48910

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